Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Silence Acoustic Ceiling Baffles delivers high performance noise absorption & are available in wide range of colors and can be customized as desire to achieve aesthetically dynamic layouts. It reduces the echo and reverberation within the Area it is installed. It is easy to install baffles to trap overhead noises and are designed to solve acoustical problems in large spaces.


  • No binding agents.
  • Outstanding sound absorption.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Fire retardant (self-extinguishing).
  • NRC upto 1.0 (100%).
  • Easily integrated with Existing HVAC, lighting & Sprinklers.


Auditoriums, Restaurants & Hotels, Lobby Areas, Reception Area, Cloud Ceiling for Multi-Purpose Halls, Assembly Area, Acoustic Clouds for Commercial Spaces, Clouds On Ceiling for Call Centers, Classrooms, Acoustic Cloud Panels for Hospitals, Industrial Areas, Cloud Ceiling Panels for Home Interiors, Acoustic Ceiling Cloud Panels for Dance and Music Studio, Broadcast Stations, Ceiling Acoustic Panels for Soundproof Studio, Soundproof Room, Home Soundproofing, Meeting Room, Acoustic Ceiling Board for Conference Room, Board Rooms, Soundproof Ceiling for Home theatre, Living Room Etc.

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